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Fuel for thought

A creative hook for educating ship-owners on alternative maritime fuels.

Completed whilst working at

Art Director

With the growing challenge of climate change, there is now a greater need to find sustainable and renewable energy sources in the commercial shipping sector. We were tasked with developing a creative identity and theme for the Fuel for Thought series, aimed at educating the industry on the benefits and drawbacks of alternative fuel sources, from an unbiased, consultative position.

Creative concepts and report developmentĀ 

April 2023, ongoing

Our initial delivery delved into ways for us to visualise “Fuel for Thought”. The process explored a range of answers, with a fuel gauge quickly becoming the winning idea. This composition was refined further to include fuel names, as well as moving away from the notion of a ‘preference’ for any one fuel, unless directly talking about it.

The success of the initial idea led to the development of a suite of scenarios using the same mechanic, with icons and bespoke vessels edited to represent different fuels.

With the creative signed off, I led a team of designers through the creation of the first key Fuel for Thought asset – a comprehensive guide on the first fuel in the series: Methanol. This first document was over 70 pages, and established the design direction for all other reports in the series.

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