Supporting the shooting, development and presentation build for Sitecore’s CMO.

Completed whilst working at

Art Director supporting Head of Design

Sitecore host their own event every year, ‘Symposium’. This year, we aided CMO Paige O’Neill with creative for her section, ‘Meet every moment’, supported by a wealth of AI driven imagery and bespoke conceptual photos and videos relevant to the content.

Presentation creative, AI image library, video direction

October 2022

Bespoke scenarios – a mixture of real photo/video and AI art/animations – were shot in a studio environment to form the basis of the sentiments covered in the Symposium.

These creative executions worked as chapter intros during the event, embelished by a wealth of new AI generated imagery to support the content. I owned and lead the creation and development of the presentation used on the day.


This project came at the very beginning of the timeline for commerical AI generated art. With the content geared around meeting the demands of a modern, changing marketplace, the software and its abstract visualisations were positioned perfectly for the campaign.

Go behind-the-scenes in a video lead by Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill, capturing the insight, conceptual thought and collaboration that brought the project to life and made it a success:

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