Softcat & Microsoft:
Work Your Way

An umbrella creative thought and theme which laid the foundation for various hybrid working campaigns to come.

Completed whilst working at

Art Director

Softcat needed an overarching identity for their hybrid working offering through Microsoft throughout the pandemic. The creative was to be used to identify campaigns as part of a larger whole, as well as developing the campaign message/identities themselves.

Creative concepts, identifier, messaging

November 2020

Conceiving the idea and name ‘Work Your Way’ was the initial thought for Softcat’s hybrid working offerings during the global pandemic, partnered with and funded by Microsoft.

The first campaign under this umbrella was for Microsoft Modern Workplace. Here, the creative identity made use of hybrid working scenarios contained in blocks, from office to home, arranging them around eachother in different combinations to highlight the flexiblilty of the offering.

Another campaign within the Work Your Way offering was for Microsoft Device As A Service (DaaS). Building on a similar sentiment to Modern Workplace, the creative idea saw bespoke compositions built around juxtaposing merges of home and business environments.

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